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I was recently set free by an amazing woman who gave me 3 beautiful children. At the ripe age of 37 years old I am currently learning about dating, in the 2011's. So much has changed and my old ways seems rusty at best, and to be honest, they were never all that good :-)But here I am, making my way.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog #4 part 1: Call the ball = MEOW! Meaning…Presentation is key!

Actual Morning Picture I took!!
As far as blogging goes this is harder than I thought it would be. I mean I have plenty of material but I’m so far behind reality. I started writing around Halloween 2011 of the stuff that was occurring in June and July. So now I have to actually take notes after a week of Icebreaking fun! If it wasn’t for my god given gift to be hangover free, it would be insane!! That having been said, I want to jump forward to this Halloween and then utterly confuse my readers by combining the lessons learned with an early summer story. Let’s re-iterate a Facebook/Google Plus status update I made on the Halloween evening which was….. “UN-F-ing - REAL!” Dude…UnREAL! I mean folks, I did all the work and all he said, literally was “I’m qualified for that!” Seriously, it’s not even a good line, I mean it had “character” but as far as one-liners go…not his best.

Well to keep this story chronological let’s start back during about mid-summer, say July-ish, but I also want to set the stage for where I was in my life physically and emotionally. Now when my marriage first broke up I was fortunate enough to be able to stay on a rather nice boat, docked at a nice marina. As I may have previously stated, the boat had a never ending supply of beer. Now if you didn’t know, beer is required for any divorce. Now I am partial to various other forms and alcohol as well, but I feel that those should be addressed in future blogs…because they have a whole other set of stories…. Anyway the boat has/had TV, power, hot water, a head, shower, and the marina itself gave me access to a pool and club house. On some mornings I would awaken, emotionally numb to the world, then I would feel the gentle rocking of the boat from the currents, hear the birds chirping, fisherman telling stories, and look outside to see the sun shining bright, and my mood would change. I would climb out of my birth, in the “VIP” suite, and sit at the helm, acting like the mayor of the dock-o-minium. On these days I felt like life might just work out ok…and this is where this story begins.

The best part of this story is that it’s when I really started “coining” terms that we continue to use and expand upon. Now on this particular day I had finished working a midnight shift and headed to the boat for a nap. Now sleeping on a boat during a beautiful summer day is easy, I mean the air by the sea is just amazing! As I was lying in the VIP suite counting sheep, I received a text. The text said that a friend of a friend was going to be a local restaurant/bar, Sunset Ribs, that evening. I recall when I had met this woman that she was attractive, with blonde hair…need I say more? See I have always had a thing for blondes, never really works out for me, but we all have our crosses to bare!! I settled into a fitful nap, suddenly a bit nervous!

I was awoken by the sounds of my never ending supply of beer being drank, people talking and enjoying the start of the weekend. I emerge from the VIP suite and begin my rituals, acting like I own the boat, even though the boat owner is there. But my act is short lived as I begin to get my balls broke for the golden retriever story, yet again…Apparently everyone hadn’t heard it yet! But I take it in stride and get cleaned up. The happy hour crowd dwindles down and the Dude and I decide the boat was a good rally point but we need to move to a different location to hydrate in preparation for the evening’s festivities. We grab a bite and I explain about my need to visit “The Rib”, and see this woman.

The plan is set and we are off to the races! Stay tuned for part 2, where things start to get complicated!

Icebreaker Out!

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