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I was recently set free by an amazing woman who gave me 3 beautiful children. At the ripe age of 37 years old I am currently learning about dating, in the 2011's. So much has changed and my old ways seems rusty at best, and to be honest, they were never all that good :-)But here I am, making my way.

Terms the average Icebreaker should know!!

NOTE: Terms in RED have been submitted by readers.

The Game - This term has several uses and meanings based up the your need. The term means 1. "The art of social interaction between males and females to gain influence and power which lead to a sexual relationship or 2. The delicate social dance leading to a meaningful relationship where sex is NOT the initial nor long term goal." Thankfully both need effective Ice-breaking procedures with the end result being placed firmly on the "Ice-breaking" technique you used.NOTE: It can be used as a verb, such as "You have no Game!" (i.e. You couldn't get laid if you were a millionaire playboy, running a crack house, with 4 broke, ugly junkies, Jones-in for a fix!'" Harsh but true and after a few minor tweaks, it won't be you!

Ice-Breaking – 1. Initial contact or 2. The ability to start a conversation with the opposite sex that will capture their attention long enough to over-come any internal personal bias the target has and allow for a continued interaction or hand off.NOTE: The key to effective Ice-breaking is based on the idea that most people are not rude and will allow you an opportunity to speak to them. So making it count is key.

The Hand-off - 1. This is an extension of the initial contact but with the knowledge that you are going to be the catalyst for a friend to make the connection. NOTE: This technique is used most commonly in 2 situations. 1. When a friend sees someone they would like to talk to but are to afraid/embarrassed/scared.etc. to take action or 2. When you and a friend(s) have decided to engage a group of people you are interested in meeting.

The Dude or Dudette- One who by action or appearance causes the intended target subject to focus attention away from you. This person can cause the target to turn their "game" on, which can make things more difficult for the non-Dude person. Note: The Dude is not always an obstacle and can effectively used to your advantage or if teamed up, can be a variation of the hand Off.

The Professional – This title is reserved for those chosen few who have the ability party 24/7. They can find the party without being invited, they are “Chaz Reinhold”.

Blocker – The term “blocker” is usually reserved one person in a pair of intended contacts. 1. The blocker is the friend who runs interference for the more attractive person in the pair or 2. When two attractive people are together either can become the blocker and the roles can be switched mid stride to confuse the Ice-breaker.

Wingman – The friend of the Ice-breaker who can assist with the initial contact through any means necessary. NOTE:This person must understand that their role is to ensure the success of the Ice-breaker at all costs and that no “Cock-Blocking” was intended. Additionally, if you wingman for a friend you receive a 2 drink minimum and the Ice-breaker is indebted to you as a future wingman.

Cock-Blocker – The cock-blocker is the term used when a person interrupts, steals, and/or all together stops your continued ability to speak with the targeted subject. NOTE:This is not a good term unless it used to prevent “Beer Goggling” by a friend.

Beer goggles – This is the term can be misleading. You don’t have to actually wear corrective lenses nor have a need for some type of safety goggles to succumb to this affliction.. This occurs, after significant alcoholic beverage consumption, and you decide the girl you were making fun of at the start of the evening, suddenly looks super hot!

AAS or Aftermath Amputation Sex – (pronounced “ah-ss”) This is the “aftermath” of Beer Goggles and occurs after an evening of debauchery where you had your “goggles” on. You awaken next to what appears to be a woman, but uglier, much uglier. This woman is asleep, so rather than wake her by removing your arm from under her, you chew your arm off. Note: To use this term in a sentence: “Yo, I got hammered, threw on the goggles and got AAS last night. Why the hell didn’t you stop me???

Call the ball – This term is used to let the other people in your party know when you have acquired a designated contact. This is an important term as it prevents cock-blocking, back stabbing, and the implementation of various “Dude Rules”.

Dude Rules – These are rules, set up after having been cock-blocked by the “Dude”. They are put in place to level the playing field. Such rules prevent “The Dude” from saying such things as “I was on my boat and/or driving the latch, new Camaro, my house in the island’s, etc. All of which can drastically reduce the average Joe’s Icebreaking ability.

SUAL – pronounced “S-aw-l” –meaning Shut UAnd Listen. This is the most effect way to keep the initial contact alive after the ice has been broken.

C-n-B – Crash and Burn. This occurs when you attempt to talk to a woman and after a few short minutes you are shut down without any hope of recovery. Like the flat spin of Mavericks plane in Top Gun…poor Goose! But for those of you who didn’t know, it was just a movie and didn’t really die.

Taco Run – This term is code for something that is unsalvageable. “I wanted to take the car for a drive but I thought it would turn into a taco run.

OTB – Term used when deciding to go Over The Bridge or not. As in “I’m not feeling OTB tonight, lets stay local.”

Tool Box – This term is used to describe an area of memory where we place words/actions/observations that have worked on the woman we meet. NOTE: If used in a sentence “Hey that really worked, I’m putting that in the tool box for later.

Spank Bank (slang: “The Bank”) – This is an area of the mind set aside for special memories of the naughty nature for future review, when needed. The most common use is seeing a super hot woman making a provocative gesture or/and you engage in some type of coitus with a female, and as a guy, you place it in the “Spank Bank”. “The Bank” also comes in handy when you are the unfortunate recipient of a terrible sight that needs to be immediately burned from your memory.

Lumber Yard – Codeword for Strip club

Collar Poppin’ - Basically dress nice, button down shirt, sadly as a single guy, you have to pick your own shirt out.

Rally Point – The location at the beginning of the night where you meet up with your friends and “loosen up” prior to actually heading out as a group.

Loosen UP – This is when you have an alcoholic or caffeine based beverage to assist in relaxing or building energy for what ever activity follows.

ODP – This mean Original Drinking Partner. This is what you were before you got married. They guys you drank with and have “old school” stories with .

Sheep Dogging This term refers to a guy who circles a group of woman to scope them out, gradually ‘herding’ them into a smaller group. The ones who may not be interested will naturally move closer to each other, leaving the stragglers on the edge of the ‘herd’ vulnerable to the sheep dogger!

Grounding - The act of making physical contact. Touching the other person in a non-sexual manner. 

Creeper - The name for the guy who walks around staring at the ladies, not usually talking, and if he does, immediately makes you nervous. NOTE: Every bar has one. 

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  1. I would like to thank a favorite reader of mine for the latest TERM: Sheep Dogging. I'm not sure I'm ready for this tactic, as it seems to eliminate the fun of 1st contact, but any tool added to your belt is just another option available!